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  The Basics of Epilepsy and Seizures

Author: Cee Valdez

Not All Seizures Are Made the Same

Most people think of the grand mal or tonic-clonic seizure when they think of seizures. These are the types of seizures when the person falls to the ground and begins jerking and flailing in an uncontrolled manner.

But these constitute only a small proportion of the types of seizures that can afflict people. Often, there is just a small movement of a leg or arm. Or, at other types, the person may just "zone out" and appear to be daydreaming.

Whole Brain Seizures

During a whole brain seizure, a veritable "explosion" of electrical activity afflicts the entire brain. These are known as tonic-clonic seizures or, in an earlier parlance, grand mal seizures.

During these seizures, the person loses consciousness, no longer aware of anything around him. The seizure can last only a few minutes, or longer. He often loses control of his bladder. When he "wakes," he has no memory of anything happening to him.

Absence Seizure or Petit Mal Seizure

These are a more minor version of the tonic-clonic or grand mal seizures. During these seizures, the person may lose total or partial consciousness but experiences none of the flailing and jerking associated with the tonic-clonic seizures. Here, the person often appears to be daydreaming or "zoning out."

Simple Partial Seizures

Only a part of the brain is affected. The person feels that he is totally conscious. The person may experience odd smells or sounds, and when the simple partial seizure is finished, the person may feel sweaty and sick. There is often a warning sign prior to the seizure called an "aura."

Complex Partial Seizures

The person may go into a dreamlike state. He or she seems to be awake but cannot respond to people. They may appear to be drunk or smack their lips. For the observer, this is a frightening type of seizure to experience as--unlike the tonic-clonic seizures--it is not immediately clear that the person is having a seizure.

Cee Valdez writes for Epilepsy-Seizures.Net

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